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Voila! Branding makeovers…and then some

It’s a crowded marketplace out there, and trying to appeal to everyone will leave you staring dejectedly at the phone waiting for it to ring. You actually don’t want to be everyone’s cup of tea. Moxie helps you identify the things that make you who you are, that are part of what has clients refer people to work with you, and then make sure the rest of the world can spot those qualities.

Oh, and we don’t do boring. There’s plenty of that already.

Allow me to introduce you to some of Moxie’s fab clients and the beautiful work we did together:


mommo: You’re not alone.

Devon Plumberg of Kansas City did Moxie’s Whirlwind Influence Makeover and not only got clear about her desire to make a difference in the world of senior care, but also how she wanted to show up in the world. She then engaged our services to build out the emerging brand and have it come to life online. We charged ourselves with creating an inviting online presence that reflects the person behind it: warm, caring, and reassuring, yet with a cut-through-the-nonsense straightforwardness that gets things done, even in tough times.

This project was crazy fast — within about two months, we had created:

  • Business name + tagline (Not gonna lie, we are very proud of this one!)

  • Brand essence captured in a “Brand Heart + Soul Guide”

  • Visual direction / mood

  • Product / offering names

  • Content ideas

  • Website (including headlines + copy)

Devon’s had people signing up for her mailing list since Day One and she’s got podcast interviews scheduled, people wanting to collaborate and partner with her, and people sending referrals her way. Stay tuned!



Mike’s Generic Coaching Site “Before”

Mike Shereck Coaching: The Ride of Your Life

Chicago’s Mike Shereck is a guy who loves cigars, Harleys, fantasy football and a great burger. You meet him, you won’t forget him — he’s got a big heart and a big personality. But his old website? Not so much. And he was kind of bored with the predictability of his executive coaching and consulting business. It was time for Mike’s Mission 2.0 life!

One of the things that became clear was that Mike has an unparalleled stand for men and their leadership, and is committed to shifting the narrative around men, leadership, and their impact.  Deb suggested to Mike that he build his brand on a motorcycle road trip metaphor, he revealed that he’d long had the dream of actually organizing bike trips that were also leadership programs. Once that cat was out of the bag, it was ON. Within two months, Mike’s new brand, “The Ride of Your Life,” was live online, and he had enthused guys signing up for the first road trip, the “Wisdom & Soul Ride” from Nashville to New Orleans.

Working on a tight timeline, we cooked up the following glorious goodies for Mike’s new venture:

  • Business name + tagline

  • Brand essence

  • Visual direction / mood

  • Product / offering names

  • Help refining his thought leadership and generating compelling content ideas

  • Website (including headlines + copy)

We also helped Mike map out a whole year of rides (you’ll see ‘em on his site), which means Mike’s now living into a whole new life. Oh, and he’s gotten new clients, new consulting gigs and new media interviews as well, and after participating in Moxie’s Speaker Salon, got accepted as one of the lineup of speakers for Speakers Who Dare in NYC in March 2019. His talk title? “Man Up,” of course.


Janet Zaretsky: The BS-to-Brilliance Master

When Janet Zaretsky of Austin, Texas, came to Moxie, she was dealing with a very common problem — people who work with her rave about her, but unless someone pointed you in her direction, you’d never know the gem she represents as a business coach, speaker or trainer. When you looked her up online, she blended into the crowd.

During Janet’s Whirlwind Influence Makeover, an immersive one-on-one day of discovery and creation, we discovered a theme of brilliance runs through most everything Janet does. She loves jewels, she’s all about helping people access their confidence and power, and she sees the brilliance in people even when they don’t. She’s also got a bit of an edge that’s not for everyone — but which is perfect for some people (her ideal clients).

Deb came up with Janet’s attention-getting job title — The BS-to-Brilliance Master — which never fails to start a conversation when people hear it. She also wrote new copy for Janet’s site and made sure it represented Janet’s voice, not generic web speak.

Moxie gave Janet’s snazzy new brand the following swag:

  • Job title “The BS-to-Brilliance Master” that now appears on all brand collateral

  • Headlines

  • Brand-consistent copy for entire website

  • Rebranded talk titles and descriptions (to reflect the BS-to-Brilliance theme and also play up Janet’s use of neuroscience)

  • Speaker one sheet

Since rebranding, Janet’s acceptance rate for speaking engagements has more than doubled, and she says people are always fascinated the minute they ask what she does and she says “I’m the BS-to-Brilliance Master.” Oh, and out of Moxie’s PR efforts, she’s been quoted as an expert in several national publications, including USA Today.