Bestselling author Gary John Bishop: What it takes to go from Big Idea to Big Influence


This is REAL TALK.

Influence Stylist Deb Beroset of Moxie Creative + Consulting chats with Gary John Bishop, author of the international bestseller, UNFU*K YOURSELF: How To Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Life

Click on the link above to get the inside scoop on:

>> The dark moments when he didn't know how he was going to make the next mortgage payment, and what he did next.

>> How hard the writing process is for him, and how he breaks through that.

>>What Gary sees as THE NUMBER ONE KEY to making your vision into reality.

>> How Gary got himself one of the best agents in the business and sold his first book at auction to a major publisher.

This is a rare treat, golden guidance from somebody's who's been there and made it through to the other side, with his originally self-published book now having sold 400,000+ in 18 countries and still going strong. 

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Deb Beroset, founder of Moxie Creative + Consulting, Inc.,  is an Influence Stylist specializing in helping successful, passionate coaches and consultants transform from hidden-gem experts to influential, trusted authorities making a big impact. She is an award-winning international journalist, the former head of Hallmark’s innovation think tank, and has relationships with the media worldwide.