Award-winning director Tricia Brouk: The Secrets of Successful Speakers


This is REAL TALK.

Influence Stylist Deb Beroset of Moxie Creative + Consulting chats with Tricia Brouk,  an award winning director and filmmaker,  executive producer of TEDx Lincoln Square in NYC, and host of podcast The Big Talk.

Click on the link above to get the inside scoop on:

>> How Tricia has helped speakers on 8 different TEDx stages deal with nerves.

>> The client who landed TWO six-figure consulting gigs out of working on her signature talk.

>> How to establish your credibility by adding public speaking to your business repertoire.

>>What Tricia sees as THE NUMBER ONE MISTAKE people make when rehearsing.

>> How to master that moment of truth when you're asked to talk about what you do and  what you offer.

Tricia Brouk is one of the best speaking gurus out there. Don't miss her practical advice and hot tips on how public speaking could make THE difference for YOU.  

Deb Beroset, founder of Moxie Creative + Consulting, Inc.,  is The Influence Stylist and specializes in helping people consciously create how they show up in the world. She is an award-winning international journalist, the former head of Hallmark’s innovation think tank, a certified Neurotransformational Coach, and has relationships with the media worldwide.