Get the most ROI from your website

(and finally understand this “ideal client” thing!)


an easy, quick, three-part series

If we were to stick your perfect potential client physically in front of you, almost every single person reading this would know exactly what to say.

Why? It’s not necessarily because you would have rehearsed it well or would have written it out, but because you would just listen to what that person in front of you was saying and respond to their questions, considerations, and concerns in the moment.

You’d naturally use your expertise and empathy for the purpose of solving their problem. That’s the power of listening.

The power of a great website is that your digital home can do a lot of this connecting, nurturing, and problem solving for you.

It’s your heart, talking to their heart. Via pixels, on a screen. Because, hell, it’s almost 2020 and we can.

Having a website with this kind of black belt emotional resonance (Moxie’s specialty 🍨!) means that you start attracting the right kinds of people as customers.

The end result isn’t just a beautiful website, but one that helps you live your best life of working with people you really love to work with.

You know, those clients and customers that don’t just help you pay the bills, but that also make your heart light with joy? The ones who really need your help and love you for it? We’re talking about those people.

Consider that your website is your most valuable employee, working 24/7 to connect with and nurture relationships for you. Two things are important: make sure she’s well dressed and that she knows what she’s talking about.

How can you accomplish this digital heart-to-heart with your client soul mate, you ask? The answer is in exploring what marketing people refer to as your ideal client.

Now, “ideal client” is a term that can kerfuffle the best of us. Most of the articles and content you’ll find online about ideal clients are super dry, full of marketing jargon, and they won’t really help you use the concept of knowing your ideal client to your best advantage as a business owner.

Get ready to have all that altered. 😲!!!

In this quick, easy, three-part series, we’ll walk you through a simple, yet powerful way to think about and use the concept of your ideal client to get the most ROI out of your website--so you can get the most out of your business and life.

Here’s the 3-part outline:

  1. How do I find my target customer or ideal client? - 👇 this post!

  2. What do I need to know about them? - (🔮 future post!)

  3. How can I use that information? - (another future post 😄)

Keep reading to reap the full benefits.

How do I find my target customer or ideal client?

We’re going to jump right in. Think about all the different customers and clients you’ve had in your business. You could even put them in a list or spreadsheet to review against these three metrics.

In most cases, an ideal client is a user or purchaser of a product or service of yours that hits these three points on the head:

  1. HELL YES energy: There’s a ‘hell yes’ energy between you two. You’re excited to work with them. They can’t wait to work with you. This is the juice that’s going to help bring the project to fruition.

  2. AUTHORITY: Your ideal client has the authority to implement the work or proposal. They can make decisions and take action so change or growth can happen in them due to working with you.

  3. MONEY: Your ideal client has money to pay you at a rate that feels great for you. Or, they are resourceful enough to find a way to get money (goes along with the Hell Yes energy).

An advanced metric:

  • REFERRALS: This came to Moxie through our research and we love it so we’re adding it here (Source: AmEx). Only happy clients refer you to others in their network, and happy clients love you because your approach or solution is a good fit for them. This includes people who share your work regularly on social media, via email, or with friends. Put extra stars for people in this category.

Don’t feel you have these A+ type clients yet?

IF you don’t have people in mind hitting these above three qualifications, here are three other types of people who serve as great alternatives for research & interviews. ***

  • MENTORS: People who see the biggest, deepest, broadest, most generous parts of you. That’s what we’re stepping into and so we want to get their perspective on you, 100%.

  • PROFESSIONAL COLLEAGUES: People who have seen your work ethic, and who know your values because you’ve demonstrated them in challenging situations.

  • 2 OUTTA 3: Clients hitting two of the qualifications in the first list above. For example, you met someone who was a HELL YES to working with you, they did ALL the work and made huge progress, but you charged them a reduced rate for the service.

*** When using the bottom three types of people during your ideal client analysis, make sure to make a note because these aren’t considered full, ideal clients. We’re not going to suggest you internalize the reduced rate client’s views on money, for example, into your ideal client profile because your true ideal client would have different views on money or be in a different place financially.

You’ve got your list of ideal clients (you only need 3-5 to get started). Great!

Now, how does a list of ideal clients turn into massive ROI via your website?

BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front): We’re going to mine the minds of your ideal clients via real conversations with them to pull out perspectives, desires, concerns, and hesitations (Series Part #2) so we can write copy that speaks directly to where they are at—and that reels them in (Series Part #3).

(Remember, if this person was placed in front of you right now, you’d naturally listen to them and ask them questions. We’re capturing this info in a comprehensive way with this exercise so you’ll have a digital heart-to-heart on your website.)

Also, and muy importante, while we’re super happy to share this info with you 🤓, we can’t let you leave without mentioning that all of this—and more—happens in our rocket fuel for dreams Quantum Leap service.

Not only will our team get to the heart of hearts of your ideal client, we’ll also make sure the essence of your brand is clear and memorable. That’s means we’re getting to your heart just right, too. 🧡


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