7 ways to wow your client soul mate

How to have a digital 🧡-to-🧡 with your ideal audience


Part 3 of an easy, quick, three-part series

This is what you’ve been waiting for! 

When you start exploring whether you really need a new website and then dive into the deep end of ideal client research and analysis (Part 1 & Part 2)—all of that work is to bring you to this stage.

This creative, mind-blowingly fun stage is about taking the essence of your brand and the core of your ideal clients and having a digital heart-to-heart between them be the natural outcome. This is what a website should do.

There are literally hundreds of inventive ways to play with the elements of your brand and use them to communicate powerfully with potential clients about who you are and what you offer.

In today’s post, I’m going to show 7 of the best ways you can marry the heart of your brand with your client soul mate’s deepest desires and bring major ROI from your website investment.


But first, a recap of our 3-part outline:

  1. How do I find my target customer or ideal client?

  2. What do I need to know about them?

  3. How can I use this information? - 👇 this post!

Let’s dive right in…


How to use Ideal Client info: Making copy memorable

One of the most critical ways to effectively use ideal client info is by writing engaging copy. Like we’ve said before, it’s not always necessary to have insane technical chops or use flashy design for a great user experience on your website, but it is really important to use copy that clearly communicates and that emotionally engages your audience.

Here are our top 4 ways we use ideal client info to create memorable, engaging copy:

  1. Attention-grabbing headlines - subject or section headings

  2. Evocative taglines - how to explain what your business does

  3. Engaging calls to action - getting visitors to take action

  4. Relatable email marketing - building a long-term relationship with your audience

We also often use ideal client research in business names and domain names… which isn’t quite copy writing but does include language. Really, any time you’re using words to communicate is a great opportunity to have your ideal client info help you make it sing.

Here are some really cool examples…

mommo. You’re not alone. mommoishere.com

mommo Homepage AFTER crop.jpg

When we interviewed Devon’s ideal clients, they said over and over how difficult it was to navigate the complex maze of elder medical care. Even when her ideal client was a part of a larger family (like, having a spouse and kids of their own) this individual really felt emotionally alone taking care of their aging parent.

The tagline of “You’re not alone” speaks to the maternal presence, wisdom, and support that this ideal client desperately wishes they had, and it’s easy to feel the immediate relief of what mommo provides just by looking at this image and reading the copy.

Spiritos. Awareness Training for Creative Souls. spiritostraining.com

Spiritos awareness training for creative souls.png

When we interviewed Dave’s ideal clients, we met a lot of artists and business owners. They were young, practical, and leaning a little spiritual. Like, yoga-studio spiritual. The “Awareness Training” piece in the Spiritos tagline juxtaposes a more consciousness-oriented, spiritually leaning word, awareness, with training—which implies there’s some form of straightforward, practical, results-oriented methodology as well.

Mike Shereck Coaching. Get that wind therapy. rideoyl.com

Mike Shereck RIDES page crop.jpg

While Mike’s audience is definitely open to growth and introspection, “wind therapy” (AKA riding a Harley with 8 other dudes) provides an easier, exciting access point to going inward while on an open road adventure. This is probably our favorite call to action button we’ve ever written!

How to use Ideal Client info: Create a Digital Home Visitors Feel & Experience

Do you want major ROI from your website?

(Everyone reading this is saying yes! We can hear it :)

To really reach your audience, make a strong connection, and produce financial results, stop thinking of your website as a digital business card and start thinking of it as a digital home.

Think of it as an experience, almost a physical space in reality you can approach, enter, walk around and settle in with. It includes the art on the walls, the fragrance in the air, and the tunes in the background. 

Like we said, there are literally hundreds of ways we could take information about your ideal clients and create custom, targeted experiences for them, but here are 3 of our favorites:

  1. Select diverse imagery - Diverse here means beyond the traditional stock photography of skinny white people. Do the images you’ve selected (stock or custom) reflect your ideal clients in physical, mental, and emotional ways? Are there regional cues about your clients (like famous icons and landmarks) that’ll help you communicate subtly that you’re the one for them? You can use stock photography to accomplish all this, if it represents the diversity and uniqueness of your ideal audience well.

  2. Amp the ambiance with Brand Playlists! - Just super fun (see below).

  3. Create your site with a physical space in mind - What kind of physical space does it remind you of? This helps make your digital home feel distinct from competitors’ and tangible or real.

More amazing examples…

When we interviewed Harper Health’s ideal clients, many of them were super busy, wealthy individuals who either were proactive about health because they were running million dollar companies and had people depending on them, or they were dealing with complicated medical issues that regular primary care physicians couldn’t handle.

Getting that personal, high-touch medical care was paramount and essential to the quality of their lives and the effectiveness of their careers and businesses. We’re still building out this site (sneak peek coming!) but you can see these diverse images reflect a high-powered lifestyle with tons of focus and drive…and enjoying life’s precious moments, too!

spotify vector.jpg

Brand playlists are just a super fun way to stay engaged with your audience and build a mood. Does your audience want to be chillin’, or vibin’, or be super productive? Each playlist we create has a different vibe for what our audience wants to hear and what we want our brand to exude. Check out a few here. 

And remember how we said you can think of your digital home as a physical space? Here’s an example of how that can play out:

Spiritos mood and feel.png

Bringing Spiritos back around. Their ideal clients are uber productive spiritual-leaning creatives, so we created a hip coffee shop / yoga studio vibe that helps blend Dave’s really practical coaching alongside his heart-opening services. Thinking about his digital home in relationship to a physical space meant we selected colors (dusty denim blue, deep brown) and materials (white tile, brick, courtyard vibes) to use on his website that matched this physical space. Tell me you don’t feel it!

When we say there are a million ways to go with this stage of utilizing ideal client info, we mean it. 

It takes a little creative juice (+ ALL the research and info we’ve been collecting all along) and you’ve got a fertile playing ground for taking your brand and showcasing it perfectly to speak to and delight the heart of your ideal client soul mate.

The clincher? Getting those ideal clients identified and then having those interviews to gather all the juicy info that’s a hidden goldmine for your business. If you haven’t spent the time to dig into that a bit, scroll back up to the top and read the first two parts of this series.

What are some memorable things companies have done that feel super personal to you? Have you ever come across a company that just nailed it?

We’d love to get to know companies that really speak to you and make you feel understood and gotten. Let us know who they are! and share a link in the comments. There’s no shortage of ideas in this here playground and someone else could benefit from an idea that sparked by what you share here.

And, when you’re ready to chat with us about what might be possible for your digital home when you partner with Moxie, we’re here for ya.


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