Creative Wellness Consultant + Mystic Chetna Mehta: Inner Ways of Knowing

Mindful ways to uncover your feelings, values, and purpose

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Chetna Mehta is a creative wellness consultant impassioned by merging spirituality and the healing arts with psychology and education. She's also a folk mixed-media artist, a mystic, and an entrepreneur.

Join us for this Conversations with Moxie episode and learn:

  • About a time in Chetna’s life when she suddenly realized she was not living in alignment with her values—and it took the universe slapping her in the face to get her attention.

  • How to honor our dying selves as well as our living selves as we change and evolve.

  • How mindful creative expression can be leveraged to uncover our feelings, values and purpose...and how to vibe up when we're feeling scared or small.

Show notes:

After you’ve watched, Chetna and I would love to hear from you:

What was it you heard that resonated most with you?

Most importantly, what are you inspired to try out for yourself? Leave a comment below and let us know.



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