Your Minimum Daily Requirement of Beauty


It ain’t frivolous, folks, it’s vital

I have 10,000 pins in my Pinterest account.

Well okay, if we’re going to get all specific, the total is way closer to 11,000.

The vast majority of the items in this monolithic virtual scrap book are there because I find them beautiful in some way. My “eye candy” board alone (pictured below) just hit the 500 mark this week with a close-up shot of some colorful, cosmic-looking rust.

eye candy board.png

You might be thinking I have a little problem here. A productivity black hole, perhaps, or even a decent reason to seek out a 12-step program.

But brain science is on my side, you see. As it turns out, beauty isn’t just a luxury or a frivolous afterthought, it’s vital to living a rewarding life. As in, a kick-ass life.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not making a case for obsessive Pinterest-ing being the path to nirvana. While I do think I can actually feel my neurons go all zingy when I scroll through these rich, vibrant images I’ve collected because they make me feel good…beauty that’s virtual can only take you so far.

It’s the stuff of real life that really puts a spring in your step and a tiger in your tank.

You know—those experiences and moments that catch you by surprise, squeeze your heart, and take your breath away for just a second. You might even have to pretend you’ve got an eyelash stuck in your eye and that’s why you teared up a bit. (Yeah, right.) Those times when we are able to open up and see the beauty right in front of us? Or the beauty in us? They’re magic.

I’ve recently been dipping into one of Piero Ferruci’s wonderful books, Beauty and the Soul: The Extraordinary Power of Everyday Beauty to Heal Your Life. The author, a psychotherapist and philosopher, makes a damn good case for beauty: It’s a genuine human need that keeps us heathy and happy, he says. Beauty has the power to guide us through periods of darkness or stress. And it can fill our lives with joy, serenity, and purpose.

All of which makes sense from an energetic perspective.

While training in neurotransformational coaching with BEabove Leadership, I fell in love with their model called the Seven Levels of Effectiveness — essentially, energy levels that are either “below the line” (hopelessness, fear, frustration) or “above” the line (courage, engagement, innovation, and, all the way at the top where the Dalai Lama probably hangs out a lot, synchronicity).

And the best thing? One super effective way to elevate from a lower bandwidth of energy to a higher one is through feeling good.

Oh, and speaking of feeling good, beauty in all its forms—from over-the-top magnificence to the seemingly mundane—specializes in stirring up all the feels:

“The experience of beauty is often accompanied by a sense of integrity and perfection,” Ferrucci says. “We are certain that what we perceive should not be in any way different than the way it is. When that happens, we are at peace with reality.”

It’s not hard to connect these dots, right? Here’s the math:


Exposing yourself to beauty is a smart thing to do. Right up there with taking vitamins and eating all those leafy green veggies and getting some fresh air and sunshine. You’ll feel good, you’ll elevate the bandwidth of energy you’re operating in, and you’ll enjoy a sense of wellbeing, happiness, and gratitude.

Oh, and guess what happens then? You become attract-ive as hell.

You know how there are some people who walk into a room, and you’d swear the lights just got brighter? That’s a high-vibe person.

(Versus that person no one wants to get stuck sitting next to at the dinner party because they’re just kind of…bleh. Chronically whiny or negative or just vaguely bummed out. That would be low-vibe. Ain’t nobody reading this who wants to be low-vibe.)


When you’re getting your minimum daily requirement of beauty in, on the other hand, you literally show up differently in the world—you’re vital, happy, curious and present. People want to talk to you, and they don’t even quite know why.

But we know why.

It’s because we are all attracted to those higher energy levels.

One way to expose yourself to more beauty and get your high-vibe on is to simply notice it more, which is a function of both being present and widening your aesthetic range. As in truly appreciating that Sistine-Chapel-worthy design the barista made with your latte foam versus mindlessly slurping it down without a glance. (And yes, guilty as charged on many occasions.)

What’s really juicy, however, is to come up your own signature ways to incorporate beauty in your life. On the regular.

And we’re not just talking art and pretty pictures here, although it certainly includes that.

It’s about giving yourself the gift of beautiful moments. Beautiful rituals. Beautiful experiences.

When I was looking for a space to be my creative sanctuary, I didn’t care about many of the details except the view. It had to be a killer view. And I found it.

Now, each morning as I get the Moxie Penthouse ready for the day, I have my little rituals. I light my favorite incense, crank up the aromatherapy, pick a playlist to create a certain mood, and sit for a moment gazing out at the sun reflected off the high-rise buildings and the lake. And l feel at peace and right with the world.


As I work with women who sign on for Moxie’s Soul Spa, a one-day just-me-and-you immersive experience, they listen for what their soul wants. And often part of what it wants is a diet rich in beauty.

And so the lingerie gets elevated to the top drawer. And worn even when no one else will see it.

Flowers become part of daily life.

And there’s suddenly dancing. Lots of dancing. And they notice that they’re attracting all kinds—and I do mean all kinds—of opportunities!

Whether you’re suffering from a full-on beauty deficit in your diet—or are masterful at building beauty into your life—I’d love to hear from you.

Are you longing to create some beautiful movement in your life? What are some ways you already do that?

Let’s share ideas. 💃🏽

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in giving yourself a special gift that will definitely inspire new ways of thinking and living, check out Soul Spa and reach out to me to set up a chat. If you’re wanting to live a beautiful life, this could be the start of a whole new chapter for you.

And that’s a beautiful thing.

Deb Beroset

With love and moxie,


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