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Reinvention: The Ultimate Adventure

Not Just a Plan B…a Plan to Be Happy

I got my first real taste of reinvention when I came out of my freshman year of music school at the University of Michigan and realized that no, I was not meant to live the narrowly focused, ultra- disciplined life of a professional French horn player.

That growing sense of hmmm…this is not where you are meant to be…is unsettling and disturbing, especially when you don’t know exactly where you are headed, you just know this ain’t it.

I remember shedding some tears over “the wasted years” I’d spent pursuing a life I ultimately didn’t choose.

I was concerned I’d now be behind schedule in some cosmic way.

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Tiny Moments of Couraging

Building the Habit of Showing Up

 I can be so small, so stingy sometimes. Like in the elevator in our building.

Yesterday I was headed down to the lobby level from The Moxie Penthouse, and on the 6th floor, the elevator doors opened, and a guy gets on. He’s an older dude and he smells faintly of campfire smoke and he’s got the best hat. And he seemed a little sad. Was he, really? Who knows, maybe his face in repose just looks like that. But he did seem wistful, somehow.

I noticed him, I had a thought to say something, and I said nothing and looked down at my phone.

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Your Mood, Your Mojo, & Neuroscience 🧠

5 mindset management tips for love, biz & life

Consider for a moment how important mood is when you’re anticipating an evening of love….

I mean when you’ve got a hot new love prospect, you’re ALL about mood and the management thereof, am I right?

Turns out neuroscience has some things to teach us about the role of mood in business as well as love…and in today’s post I share some great tips on how to build in the kind of mind management hacks that will boost your sense of joy and your bottom line.

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Your Minimum Daily Requirement of Beauty

It ain’t frivolous, folks, it’s vital

I have 10,000 pins in my Pinterest account. Well okay, if we’re going to get all specific, the total is way closer to 11,000.

The vast majority of the items in this monolithic virtual scrap book are there because I find them beautiful in some way. My “eye candy” board alone (pictured below) just hit the 500 mark this week. You might be thinking I have a little problem here. A productivity black hole, perhaps, or even a decent reason to seek out a 12-step program.

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The Man at My Window

Fear of Falling, Fear of Failing.

I think my interest in window washers really took off the day I glanced up from my downtown Chicago desk and there was a man on the other side of the window a foot away from me…and about 10 stories above street level.

He looked so casual out there as he squeegeed the glass and gave some bird turd a little extra elbow grease…

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Branding for Introverts 🙊

Cultivating influence and visibility when you just kinda wanna be left alone.

A few days ago, I was having lunch with someone who recently walked away from a lucrative CEO position, and now he’s considering how he needs to be showing up in the world to find a new gig that’s a better fit for his values.

“But there’s something about the word ‘branding’ that just…I don’t know,” he said, his expression a hybrid of befuddlement and the-cream-in-my-coffee-is-past-its-expiration-date. “The fact is, I’m an introvert. And I’m definitely not cool. How do you ‘brand’ that?”

You might be surprised to know…

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My Muffin Top vs My Moxie

Thighs, Sighs, and The Brand Never Lies. Last Saturday was The Great Pants Purge of 2019 – the day I’d vowed to rid my closet of all those pesky clothes that I’m not wearing.

And I hit bottom somewhere around the 19th time I was trying on a pair of jeans or cute trousers and realized that my thighs in their current iteration had a communication for me…

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Tango dancers & subway buskers & gospel choirs: What happens when you say yes to showing up and using your voice

All I had to do was say yes and show up, and I’d be in. I had an opportunity to sing (at karaoke bars my mantra is Love music, I’m just not a singer) with this African-American choir (I’m not African-American) made up of family members (I’m not a family member) singing in a Baptist church (I’m not Baptist).

What could possibly go wrong?

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How to use Moxie's "Goosebump Method" for finding your niche and your tribe

The magic of The Goosebump Method (picture the Wizard of Oz pulling back the curtain to show you what's REALLY going on!) is based in neuroscience -- having you activate the Default Mode Network when you may have been spinning your wheels a bit in the Task Positive Network.

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