Three essential questions to ask yourself before forking over $$$


Overhauling your website can feel like a major remodeling project for your business. There’s the scope of the whole thing, the timeline, one thousand choices to make, and let’s not forget the large cash down payment.

It actually can also be a really fun process (das how Moxie rolls), but none of that matters until you ask yourself the three essential questions I outline here.

So before your churning stomach runs away with worry, let’s dive in and sort through these questions together and determine whether you really need a new website.


Does your site feel stale?


A great reason to get a new website is when you feel your website was awesome, three years ago.

If you’re like most business owners, you relate to your website like a once-and-done experience. Just another task on your never-ending to-do list. Something to complete and finish.

There’s nothing wrong with this. But, the truth? Your business grows and evolves along with you every year.

In my experience working with many successful businesses and even inside Moxie, entrepreneurs take what they learn and are constantly modifying, upgrading, and expanding services for clients on an on-going basis.


If you find yourself handing your card to potential new clients and saying, “You won’t find what we just talked about on the site…but just give me a call anyway”—that’s when you know your website is a little past its expiration date.


When you relate to your website as a living, evolving entity just like you and your business, then getting a new one won’t seem like such a hassle. It’ll feel more like infusing your business with fresh new oxygen from the inside out, and that’s what I hope you strive for in any project like this.



So many times entrepreneurs think a web designer with insane technical chops or a fancy new logo is going to solve their #websiteprobs. While beautiful graphic design can elevate and amplify a strong brand and well crafted message, flashy design can also detract from your point or add confusion to a poorly thought out user experience. A new logo isn’t going to shape your customer experience with the same ROI that a well organized site with strong communication will.

The same is true for custom built websites with technical overkill. (See #2 below)

In my opinion? Most businesses don’t need fancy, they need thoughtful. Clarity is key, with visuals and technological capability incorporated as a function of your vision and brand essence.



Is it easy for visitors to understand what you do and the best way to reach you?


Another great reason to invest in a new website is when visitors aren’t doing what you want them to do.

People aren’t going to work too hard to figure out what you do and how to best reach you. More than technical prowess, your website needs to quickly and clearly explain what you do and what next step you want visitors to take.

We can all use outside help to understand a new visitor’s experience when they visit a site and don’t already know all about the business.


Here are two of my favorite ways to help with getting that fresh perspective:


This sentence says what you offer or sell and how you want people to hire you.

I offer ____, ____, and ___ and I want people to hire me by ____.

When you complete this sentence, you’ll know exactly what your site needs to communicate to visitors and what action steps need to be made easily available to them (how they can hire you).

Example: Moxie’s one-sentence purpose statement—

Moxie offers transformational branding, website development, and one-on-one immersive experiences, and people should hire us by booking a call.

With this one-sentence purpose statement you can now track whether your website is achieving what you want it to accomplish. Are people actually hiring you via the process you want them to? If not, how can we make it easier for them to do that?



There are a number of services that can provide real user feedback for your site. In addition to site loading time and analytics, you can get heat maps and even live video recordings of visitors moving around your site. The most advanced setups even provide recorded “think aloud” feedback from users!


You’ll have to pay for many of these services, but here are two free options:


For more info on all things nerdy, check out this article from geekflare.

It can be trickier than you think to get this part right. You are so immersed in your business, you’ve lost track of what people understand immediately and what they don’t. You’re also likely trying to do too many things with your website and not accomplishing the main objective. And, when that’s the case, hiring an expert and starting with a clean canvas can be a smart idea.



Are visitors excited about how you’re different from all the others?


The last great reason to invest in a new website is when you kinda look like everyone else on the block.

What we often see is that a businesses website will represent a minor variation on a theme common to all the other websites in their space. Think about business consultant websites you’ve seen. Don’t they all have much of a sameness to them? They smell the same. They feel the same. And you don’t have to click on the other tabs to tell what they’re like. The details are different but they’re all mostly suits. Lots of suits. 😴😴😴


Here are some of the many ways you can have your website not just stand out, but sing:


  • Business name

  • Headlines that stop you in your tracks

  • Your unique theme

  • Service packages and offerings that aren’t run of the mill

  • Your distinct personality shining through everything

  • Copy that is fun and engaging to read

  • Visuals that capture nuances of your style and client experience


Here’s an example from a real client of Moxie’s…

"Suits Executive Coaching" versus...

The Ride of Your Life!

Here are a few more Moxie branding and web development projects to give you an idea of how a distinct personality and offering can be represented in your online home: Harper Health, Soldier of Love, Spiritos, and Agile Rainmakers:


soldier of love home page.png



What makes a difference here is to have everything unified by your solid sense of your brand’s essence and what has you and your business be distinct from all the others. It’s like trying to look at your own eyeballs trying to figure this out by yourself, and that’s why it gets my vote as a great reason to invest in a new site.

P.S. Fun note: That website for Antuan Magic Raimone, Soldier of Love, came about when he read this article and commented below about okay, it’s time, I need a website that really represents me. What you see here is the website that resulted when he reached out to Moxie for help!


BONUS Question: Does your website inspire you?


If your website doesn’t serve as your North Star, if it doesn’t inspire you, call you to be, and remind you why you’re putting in the long hours—that’s a fantastic reason to get a new website.

Really, why should you be left out of this important investment? You are the founder of your business and the source of it all. The furnace that keeps everything toasty and warm has got to be stoked from somewhere. That vision has to be fed and nurtured.


If you’re not inspired by how you and your business show up, what makes you think anyone else will be?


A website is a structure to help you stay present to the distinct contribution your business represents.

So, my friend, if you find yourself more present to effort than inspiration, it might be time to invest in a new website.

I talk to business owners all the time about what they’re here to accomplish and how they want to show up—and usually when we first start talking, they don’t really know what that is or how it will look.

If you’re working with the right team, you don’t have to have all these answers at the outset. They emerge in the process of collaborating together.

Oh, by the way, Moxie is your primo choice.😎 Book a call with me today to start the process.

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