The 80th Birthday Party must go on! We had Zoom breakthroughs and it was awesome.

Creating connection in crazy times.


Today my mother’s odometer proudly clicks over to 80. (Can I get an amen and a happy birthday for mom? Go mom! 😘)


Anyway, given it’s March 2020, this obviously means we’ve got a milestone birthday happening at a time when we’re hunkered in our bunkers and unable to toast her in person with the good scotch in Waterford crystal, as is her preference for most special occasions.


So instead, we did what people all over the world are doing, and figured out how to get Marty B., her three kids, our spouses, and the 3 granddaughters (and some of the significant others) on a Zoom call at the same time.

Did it take us a few minutes to sort out our technical bells and whistles? Yes. But now that we’ve done it once, we’re thinking we’re going to have to do this again.


Cats wandered on and offscreen. Boyfriends wandered on and offscreen. We laughed. We shared about what life looks like for each of us at the moment. We got to be together.


It was awesome.



There are so many possibilities for connection right now — we have options! It’s really worth all of us taking a moment to learn new ways to connect, and to help someone else do the same. It can be daunting if you haven’t already been using such services, so let’s all help each other out. Here, for starters, is an article with 7 free video chat apps to use during these social distancing days.


One potential silver lining of this scary situation we’re all in is that we pay more attention to each other.


Family. Friends near and far. Colleagues. People we may not know all that well, and we just think of them. And have that be our new normal.


My wish is for each of us to experience being connected, with no one left out.




How are you connecting with loved ones and friends?


What good ideas do you have to share? Any cool resources?


Please share, let’s pool ideas.


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With love and moxie,



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