Thighs, Sighs, and The Brand Never Lies


And I hit bottom somewhere around the 19th time I was trying on a pair of jeans or cute trousers and realized that my thighs in their current iteration had a communication for me: What the hell, did you not get the memo that we do not self-identify as size 6 and haven’t for more than a minute?

It was kind of a bummer.

Now before you go all encouraging and body positive on me, yes, I AM Woman, Hear Me Roar, and I am not defined by my body. I not only get it, I’m with you on that stuff 100 percent. No need to preach to this here choir. Even my man is a vocal, card-carrying proponent of the inner-beauty-over-outer-beauty camp.

However, I also dearly love some of these great duds that I’m not currently able to wear. They were lovingly chosen and acquired, and I like the way I feel in them. And I like the way I feel when I’m in that lean-machine mode, all toned and defined and dangerous. You know, Rrrawwrrr….

Yet here I was feeling all muffin-toppy and sweaty, the bed covered with stacks of clothes yet to be sorted, and my fortitude and enthusiasm for this project waning.

And then I remembered. The reason I’d undertaken this in the first place was related to the work I’m now doing with people who want some moxie going in their personal lives as well as their business. Inspired by that, this whole endeavor was supposed to be an act of #RadicalSelfReverence, giving myself the gift of a closet that feels good to walk into and that serves up only fabulous options.

But damn. I didn’t plan on this rubbing-my-nose-in-it experience.

And then something happened that is part of the phenomenon I refer to as Transformational Branding.


I sat on the one corner of the bed not covered by piles of clothes and hangers, and I posed a question to myself:


You see, my own brand, Moxie, is an expression of me and what’s important to me and the gifts I’m capable of bringing to the world: All about mindful creation, and living with nerve, verve, power and pizzazz. Those things are all true of my Inner Being, my Soul – and often are true of how I show up. And yet here I was feeling anything but.

I tell Moxie clients that when we create their Brand’s Heart+Soul Guide, they’ll have a compass of sorts, a navigational tool that can help them stay trued up to what they’re here for. And once you have a website that artfully expresses that essence, well, you’ve not only transformed in the process of getting to all that deep-down goodness, you now have a beautiful reminder for yourself of who you really are.

Let’s face it, we’ve all got those moments when we feel something less than powerful, when the cougar’s roar devolves into a defeated, scared-y cat meow. When we’re more present to muffin top than moxie. When that happens, your consciously created brand can serve as a loving reminder, a clarion call, a neon sign pointing the way for your higher self. I’ve heard from clients that sometimes when they need a lift, they scroll through their web site to marinate for a minute in their vision and purpose expressed in the world. And then they go on. Inspired.

jeans & flowers.png

And so in that moment I asked What would Moxie do, I had some answers: Well hell, Moxie would turn this whole process into a feel-good fest. Radical self-reverence had me lighting my favorite incense that reminds me of some sweet times in Santa Fe…making myself a delicious iced latte…finding the Brene Brown special on Netflix where she’s basically injecting me with a love of my own vulnerability and perfectly imperfect self. I kept trying on jeans and dress pants and, god help me, shorts, until I’d gone through every item and packed away the smaller-sized stuff so I can retrieve it if and when I want to. And meanwhile, I’m focused on feeling good NOW.

I also acknowledged that I’m creating new neural pathways for myself, training thoughts to pop out of the wagon-wheel ruts in the road and create new trails – as in, okay, I’m going to rock this zaftig female form just as it is, and just as it isn’t. And I’m going to treat myself and my body to a spa experience over the next 6 weeks or so, not out of fixing anything, but out of love for myself.

So dinner that night was a lovely pork chop with some fresh, springy asparagus and heirloom tomatoes with basil and olive oil – and I could have sworn I was eating a meal prepared by a Moxie Spa chef. Chris and I went for a 3-mile hike through the city, which was a very cool chance to enjoy some sun and sights together – oh, and get some exercise along the way. These things are all in perfect alignment with my brand.


Moxie isn’t about suffering, depriving or fixing yourself, it’s about living an authentic, luscious life and showing up in a way that’s consistent with that!


I’ll bet you’ve experienced some version of this. What are some ways your brand has served as a call to be?

And if business isn’t your thing, is there a way you’ve found to remind yourself who you are? What yanks you up by the bootstraps when you have a moment of vulnerability?

I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below and let me know.

We’re all part of the Moxie Tribe here, and we can all learn from each other. You just never know when a seemingly small thing shared can have a big impact on someone lucky enough to see it at the right time.

Thank you for spending a little time with me today.


Deb Beroset

With love and moxie,


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