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Reinvention: The Ultimate Adventure

Not Just a Plan B…a Plan to Be Happy

I got my first real taste of reinvention when I came out of my freshman year of music school at the University of Michigan and realized that no, I was not meant to live the narrowly focused, ultra- disciplined life of a professional French horn player.

That growing sense of hmmm…this is not where you are meant to be…is unsettling and disturbing, especially when you don’t know exactly where you are headed, you just know this ain’t it.

I remember shedding some tears over “the wasted years” I’d spent pursuing a life I ultimately didn’t choose.

I was concerned I’d now be behind schedule in some cosmic way.

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9 Ways to Show Up and Stand Out With Your Unique Brand

You know it’s time, right?

First, you gotta have moxie!

After all, it takes moxie to put yourself and your ideas out there, so you need to have your head in the game. Wondering whether you have value to offer, whether you’re ready, if you’re good enough… yadda yadda yadda, we all know how that offkey tune goes…it will kill your confidence and mess with your mojo big time.

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Tiny Moments of Couraging

Building the Habit of Showing Up

 I can be so small, so stingy sometimes. Like in the elevator in our building.

Yesterday I was headed down to the lobby level from The Moxie Penthouse, and on the 6th floor, the elevator doors opened, and a guy gets on. He’s an older dude and he smells faintly of campfire smoke and he’s got the best hat. And he seemed a little sad. Was he, really? Who knows, maybe his face in repose just looks like that. But he did seem wistful, somehow.

I noticed him, I had a thought to say something, and I said nothing and looked down at my phone.

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