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:: Quantum Leap ::

Branding, copy, & Website

A transformational branding exploration, and then a brag-worthy website within 100 days?
Yeah, that’s how we roll.


Phase One

#1 VIP Branding Day: The Whirlwind Influence Makeover

Deep Dive Work – During this intensive day, we’ll search for and deal with spark killers (anything that might dampen your individual and collective creative confidence), collaborate on creating your brand essence, play with themes for your business and identify key ways to thread that throughout your business and brand with style and your personal pizzazz.

#2 Your Brand’s Heart + Soul Guide

Your Business’ Purpose, Personality and Vision Articulated – The first iteration of your brand’s Heart+Soul Guide will be created prior to website development. This guide will be a living document that can be added to and revised over time and is designed to keep you trued up to your word as well as afford you an easy way to partner with others involved in various aspects of your business, such as social media, sales, marketing, PR, etc., to ensure the personality, voice and integrity of your brand are consistent.

Phase Two

#3 Customer Interviews

Real Customer Interviews - We’ll speak with up to 5 of your ideal clients and leave you with word-for-word feedback on your business and your products & services right from your favorite clients’ and customers’ mouths.

#4 Copy & Core Messaging

Engaging copy for up to 5 pages - Examples of suggested pages: About Us, Homepage, What We Do, Industries We Serve, Insights. We will help co-create the services and offerings if needed.

Priority funnel process flow - we’ll perfect the #1 action we want visitors to take when visiting your site, streamlining the experience so you get the results you want.

# 5 Naming Expertise

We’ll maintain the integrity of your brand and elegantly communicate its essence in key areas, including:

  • Business Tagline

  • Services & Offerings

  • Headlines & Calls-to-Action

#6 Website Development

In addition, you’ll get:

  • An elegant website with up to FIVE pages - designed and built on the Squarespace platform. Blog setup & Contact automatically included. New, future functionality like a shop or online coursework can be easily integrated.

  • Integrating Bells & Whistles - custom domain names, personalized email addresses, basic SEO, and hosting, email integration with Mailchimp or other service provider

  • BONUS: Project Management - we’ll coordinate with other vendors or assistants you’ll need to get your message out there (ex: logo designer or social media)


#7 The List Builder Bundle

Set up your all-important email list, and deepen and continue your relationship with people who’d love to do business with you by developing these two key bundle items:

  • Your Ideal Customer Magnet - We co-create and produce a downloadable gift (often called a “lead magnet”) with engaging content for your ideal client and integrate it into your website. ($1,200)

  • The First Impression “Welcome” Email - Nail your first e-message to new subscribers. This particular email establishes and creates the foundational relationship with visitors. You want to get this right. ($800)

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Are you ready for
YOUR Quantum Leap?

You’re going to be so glad you did this.



Option #1:


Moxie’s Branding + Website Package

VIP Branding Day

Brand Heart+Soul Guide

Copy & Website

Total Investment: $17,000



Option #2:



The List BuildER BUNDLE

VIP Branding Day

Brand Heart+Soul Guide

Copy & Website


Your Ideal Customer Magnet (creation + integration)

The First Impression “Welcome” Email (creation + integration)

Total Investment: $19,000


Quantum Leap is rocket fuel for dreams.


“Deb Beroset is a genius in helping you take your mission and message and turn that into a unique brand expression of who you are the impact you make on the world, with style, creativity, and well, moxie!”

— Deb Boulanger, The Great Do-Over, Inc

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“Deb has an incredible ability to refine and hone messaging. She helps you own your expertise, cut out all the unnecessary bits, and sprinkles her magic pixie dust to give it that oomph to set your business apart.”

— Kara Yokley, Principal, RRDS




“This went way beyond typical branding. What Moxie helps you create permeates how you think, what you do, and what's possible. It seeps into every element of your business: presentation, practice and performance. And the bonus? It's altered how I show up for myself.”

- Devon Plumberg, Founder of mommo


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