:: Frequently Asked Questions ::

General FAQs


+ Does Moxie work with non-profits or causes?

Yes! We love working with organizations of all stripes to amplify the good you're already doing in the world. Give us a call to learn more.

+ Can I just hire Moxie's creative brains for a quick brainstorming session? I just need ideas.

Short answer: No, not right now.

More: Just like you would with your expertise, we love seeing the brands we create with clients out there in the world doing their thang. We don’t want the work you do with Moxie to become just another item on your to-do list that’s unfinished, incomplete, and hanging around for months. We’ve worked with clients to create great brand ideas and concepts that are still in production 8+ months later because they wanted to DIY the execution phase.

So, if we may, trust us. You (and your would-be, waiting-for-you new customers) want us to implement all the creative goodness that comes out of working with us.

+ But I’m a hard core introvert. I can’t imagine what a branding person would do with me that wouldn’t feel weird and artificial...

A lot of people we work with are self-described introverts. Actually, how they’re able to come up with innovative stuff is they actually spend time alone thinking new thoughts and sorting out complexity.

But, then, the time comes to share that magic with the world. Where Moxie comes in is we plumb those quiet depths and find out who you are at your core so we can amplify that in a way that remains true to your essence.

A core member of our team -- Victoria, our Digital Presence Director -- is a card-carrying introvert and pivoted to this line of work from other professional past lives specifically to help people like you be better known.

Phony facade? Ick. Let’s just help show people the greatness that’s already here.

If you’re interested in experiencing what your business or brand would be like with your unique moxie on 10x amplification, we invite you to book a free 30-min consultation from our Contact Page.


Quantum Leap FAQs


+ Why do you only build on Squarespace?

We believe that anything we create together should be easy to use and implement. Squarespace is the easiest platform for our clients to pick up and run with on their own after we launch and it can grow along with you at every stage of your business.

With Squarespace, you won't have to worry about code breaks or security breaches, and you won't need a developer to make tweaks to copy as your business evolves. Trust us, for 99% of cases it's the best option out there. If you absolutely need to build on a different platform, let's talk.

+ Do you work with graphic designers?

YES. We love working with your favorite vendors to help create a cohesive and polished look. When you have an existing package of design elements, we pull a few of the most striking images/elements and incorporate that into our simple/clean/clear design aesthetic.

+ I noticed video or photos aren't included in your pricing. What should I expect to pay for that?

Because each client needs different design elements, we invoice them separately from any packages when Moxie is purchasing stock images or video, for example, on your behalf. For custom visuals, as we gain clarity on your messaging and design aesthetic, we'll present you a range of suggested photographers and videographers we recommend that fit your style and budget goals.

We can present a range of investment options that would fit the aesthetic we're going for as we move farther along in the development process. We can also use and have also used amazing stock photography for cost-effective solutions.

+ Will you help me find other vendors, like a photographer or videographer?

Yes, we can! We have successfully sourced and helped past clients find other artistic vendors across the country. We help make the introduction, facilitate creative brainstorming, and can help manage the project and end product when needed, but you maintain the contractual relationship with the vendor.

+ Does the Quantum Leap include the Whirlwind Influence Makeover branding day?

Yes, yes it does, you lucky human.