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:: Moxie for Your Self ::


Reinventing yourself isn’t just something to do when the chips are down or as part of your contingency plan. It certainly isn’t exclusively for business brands, either. Reinvention is a gift we have of being human.


 1:1 Personal Reinvention

Soul Spa

A one-day, one-on-one immersive retreat to make you come alive and alter your life forever.

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“My day at Moxie's Soul Spa was the breakthrough I needed to get moving in life and in work. Deb was exactly the true, trusted partner I needed to take me to the next level after losing my twin sister and her husband of 35 years in the last year and a half. I now have newfound energy, purpose, drive and specific expectations. I feel a self-acceptance I haven't had in a long, long, long time -- maybe ever.”


- Sandra Guy, Journalist & Adjunct Professor, Chicago


 1:1 Personal & Professional Reinvention

Moxie Mission 2.0

Figure out what really matters to you - and what doesn’t - so you can use the rest of your life to fulfill your true desires with inspiration, focus, and gusto in this one-day, one-on-one daring expedition into your personal brand.


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