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Mission 2.0

1:1 Personal & Professional Brand Exploration


Figure out what really matters to you - and what doesn’t - so you can use the rest of your life to fulfill your true desires with inspiration, focus, and gusto in this one-day,
one-on-one daring expedition into your personal brand.


How We Will Execute Mission 2.0

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If you’re like any of the professionals we work with, for some reason, you’ve lost your mojo.

You know it as that energetic, vibrant feeling that only happens when you’re taking on a real professional challenge.

You’re used to being in a powerful position, one of certainty, and you know how to produce results in almost any situation.

But lately, you’ve just felt lost. Slogging through muck. You might think, “am I stalling out?”

For smart executives and professionals like you, this lost feeling is a sign of transition and completing the adventure you’ve been on already.

It’s time to look up from your map, expand perspectives, and listen for what’s calling you now.

Your history of big wins is your proof that you’ll be successful in the future and at no matter what you pick - there’s just that pesky little problem of “what to take on next?”

Enter Moxie’s Mission 2.0.

This one-day daring expedition with your personal creative guru Deb Beroset is designed to help you discover your new, authentic, and inspiring personal brand you can take into any new future.

The journey of discovery leaves you with focus, clarity, and that vibrant gusto you can bring to a new business or personal venture, diversifying your professional portfolio, and even journeying into retirement.

How does it all work?


Mission 2.0 is a one-on-one intensive with introspective questions, exploratory exercises, and creative, aligned planning for your future.

In just one day, at the Moxie Creative Sanctuary (aka The Moxie Penthouse) you’ll try on trusted neuroscience-based techniques and consciousness-expanding principles to amplify your creative thinking.

You’ll discover, by exploring at your core, your authentic and genuine personal brand for who you are now.

We spend the second half of the day creating from that space.

The newly articulated essence of who you are and what you’re about deepens by planning and identifying action steps. This is what you’re already great at: thinking through the execution or implementation of a newly defined vision.

And before all of this, you’ll also receive easy and fun exploratory work to do that helps get you warmed up ahead of time.

Mission 2.0 Overview

a 1:1 Personal Branding experience


Stop Stalling out

Learn how and when to intentionally toggle between our two neural networks:

  • the one that gives us access to visioning, empathy, purpose, and meaning, and

  • the one that helps us focus and move things forward.


Exceed Horizons

Discover your particular impact & influence portfolio - in business and your personal life. What’s your unique “leave nothing behind” endeavor going to be?

Don’t worry… we have exercises to help you think new creative thoughts - ones you’ve never experienced before.


Plan your New adventure

Articulating the essence of you and your personal Mission 2.0 is the easiest part.

You can ride off into the sunset solo, or if your adventure requires a powerful online presence, help shaping intellectual property, or creating a plan for becoming a trusted authority - we’re here to assist.

What’s included in Moxie’s Mission 2.0?


Fun & Easy
Exploratory Prep-Work

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A One day, one-on-one creative adventure with Deb, your personal brand guru and guide


Full Day Access to the Moxie Penthouse & Creative Sanctuary

Investment: $5,000
In Chicago or virtually.

About Your Guide: Deb Beroset

Moxie Creative + Consulting represents an artful blend of my experience as an international journalist, branding expert, innovation leader and public relations executive. I’m also a certified coach trained in using neuroscience-based techniques to free up people’s creativity and imaginations — the action plans to cause tangible results have their start in your inspiring vision.

I have a knack for creating enticing brands and futures that inspire and draw people in, and I love helping individuals and companies hit the reset button and make their mark on the world in a fresh new way.

Deb has got it all: creativity, impressive brainpower, exceptional taste, and a battle-tested understanding of the innovation process.
— Bill Moses, Hallmark
A creative guru.
— The Washington Post
Deb had me get in touch with the value I create and the power of my own work.
— Mike Shereck, Executive Coach

Want to see if this is right for you? 


Moxie’s Mission 2.0 is an intense, one-day daring expedition to equip you with clarity, confidence, and gusto for your new personal mission. Investment: $5,000.
In Chicago or virtually.

If you are curious, click here to contact Deb for the start of your adventure.