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:: Soul Spa ::

A one-day, one-on-one immersive retreat to make you come alive and alter your life forever.


Ready to live vivaciously?


Solving the 8 Problems
Every Woman Faces after 49

Think about your personal and professional life. Any of these sound familiar?

  1. Life ain’t worth getting out of bed for anymore.

  2. I don’t do much that’s fun.

  3. I feel really unattractive.

  4. A sex life? Ha.

  5. I’m too old.

  6. My sole purpose in life seems to be meeting everyone else’s needs.

  7. My options are getting narrower by the hour.

  8. I guess this is as good as it’s gonna get.


To this, we say Hell No!


There’s a major assumption that your age is nothing but an insurmountable liability — personally as well as professionally. Sure, it’s a factor, but too many women just lay down and play resigned armadillo roadkill for the rest of their lives.

You’ve rocked it professionally, but maybe that’s growing stale too. And your zest for life? It wilted and died a long damn time ago while you were focused on who you needed to be for everyone else.


Well, I hear you say, whaddya got for me instead?


You, my special creature, have a minimum daily requirement of beauty. You need to experience it in your home and at work, and you need to feel strong, empowered, and beautiful as a human being.

You can quit trying to figure out what’s needed to be appealing to every other human out there, and instead figure out who the heck you are now. Then, have fun demonstrating that out in the world.

This is the beginning of being an attract-ive life force. One with your natural nerve, verve, and pizzazz… your unique moxie.


“My day at Moxie's Soul Spa was the breakthrough I needed to get moving in life and in work. Deb was exactly the true, trusted partner I needed to take me to the next level after losing my twin sister and her husband of 35 years in the last year and a half. I now have newfound energy, purpose, drive and specific expectations. I feel a self-acceptance I haven't had in a long, long, long time -- maybe ever.”


- Sandra Guy, Journalist & Adjunct Professor, Chicago

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Soul Spa Benefits:

  • Know yourself as an attract-ive force of nature.

  • Feel vital, sexy, alive, and appreciated.

  • Feel like life loves you back again.

  • Experience stepping away from the wall and onto the dance floor of life.

  • Get reacquainted with your intuition, personal style, and pizzazz.

  • Create & discover new ways to bring beauty to your everyday existence.

  • Get in touch with wants you didn’t know you had.

  • Feel like the guest of honor in your own life.

  • Experience yourself as the bright light in the room.


How it Works:

Part 1: Emphasis on the Soul

First, we take away what’s in the way. Old conversations, guilt, regret, and the could be’s you’re hanging onto.

It’s not a personal failing to feel hesitant or unsure, because our brains are hardwired to turn uncertainty into fear.

Are we done self-flagellating? Because completing the neurotransformational exercises we’ll do together is a line of demarcation. Your life won’t be the same after this.


Part 2: Pump Up Your Room to Imagine

You might have caught yourself thinking, “How else could it be? How it’s been is all I’ve seen.”

Let’s open the door to our imaginations w-i-d-e.

You’ll learn and experience:

  • Why you withhold yourself from the juicy life that’s here for you and how to stop it

  • How to pull out your own moxie, shine it up, wind it way up, and watch it go

  • A deeper connection to your own intuition that you’ll have with you from this day forward 

Part 3: Showing Up Radically Different

When you connect with your inner full-tilt-boogie babe, you’re going to want that everywhere. This is where we start to have that delicious inner spirit of yours start to show up in your outer world.

I can’t guarantee what exact goodness we’ll create for you, but here’s how past clients started showing up right after their day with me:

  • Launched a new business aligned with her soul

  • Asked me to hook her up with Moxie’s own hair stylist -- immediately!

  • Finally brought home that sweet pup or kitten (a long-time yearning)

  • Started dating again, and is having fun with it

  • Now makes dancing a priority. Way more dancing. In public.

  • Gives herself fresh flowers every week, graces her space with art that speaks to her soul, and is focusing on living in a way that feels good


And while these might sound like “little things,” it’s your new, radical self-reverence and love that has these moves be magical. Your Soul Spa is the chance to start living the life you haven’t let yourself even dream about in a while.

Don’t leave your dreams languishing another day…


Two ways to get your moxie on!

Moxie Soul Spa: $5,000

When do you really take a day for nothing but your soul? When? Isn’t it time?

Soul Spa is more than an investment of time and money. It’s your pledge to nurture that part of you that’s gone neglected.

Leaving here you’ll look at everything differently. The fun is in the freshness of new perspectives and new sure-as-day possibilities in how you show up for others and for yourself.


Your life is your movie. How do you want it to look?

Your Soul Spa experience includes:

  • Your luscious, all-about-you day of integration, exploration, and adventure!

  • Our check-in chat a few days after the event so you can share what it’s like to be newly jazzed about your life…and to make sure you’re trying out a new dance step or two right away

  • A love poem written specially for you — sent to you a few weeks later beautifully wrapped and presented — to serve as a lasting reminder of the magic you created for yourself and your life.


Your Soul-SatISFYING YEAR: $9,500

If full-tilt-boogie is your preferred style, you’re not going to want this feeling to end.

What’s predictable, however, is that ordinary life seeps back into your space. There are demands on your time that refuse to be ignored.

Who’s gonna demand that you’re getting your minimum daily requirement of beauty? Your Soul Spa doesn’t just represent an extraordinary day, but your new life. You need support, and I’m your champion, baby!

Introducing: Soul Sister Support.


Your Soul-Satisfying Year includes:

The Soul Spa Experience

  • Your luscious, all-about-you day of integration, exploration, and adventure!

  • Our check-in chat a few days after the event so you can share what it’s like to be newly jazzed about your life…and to make sure you’re trying out a new dance step or two right away

  • A love poem written specially for you — sent to you a few weeks later beautifully wrapped and presented — to serve as a lasting reminder of the magic you created for yourself and your life.


    Soul Sister Support

  • You’ll have 10 heart-to-heart conversations (90-min) throughout the year with Deb, your very own Influence Stylist, who will support you in turning those extra juicy ideas into your new normal (psst!… like online dating wins, lingerie in the top drawer, landing a sweet new gig, that puppy!, flamenco dancing lessons, and other deliciousness). Soul Sister Support is your gift to yourself — how you make sure you’re living that big life of yours exactly the way you want.


About Your Guide

Hi! I’m Deb Beroset.

I help you consciously create how you show up in the world.

Reinventing yourself isn’t just something to do when the chips are down or part of your contingency plan. Reinvention isn’t exclusively for business branding exercises, either. It’s a gift we have of being human.

I have compassion, respect, and admiration for anyone with the guts to look newly at their life.


As for me? I’ve earned my stripes as a serial reinventionist.

  • I lived in the Middle East for 3 years in my 20s

  • I managed to buy my first house as a freelance writer and a newly single mother of two young girls

  • I’ve quit plum corporate gigs — twice — to go out on my own.

  • I’ve been through personal bankruptcy and opened my own successful business one year later


I’ve also lived through the pain of ending relationships (and marriages) that had seemed like my one shot at big love — and that sad and lonely space of wow, now I’ll have to make the best of things without that.

For years, I’ve studied how real Women of Moxie keep creating, keep dancing, keep showing up as themSelves — and I’ve put it into practice. Okay, real talk just between us: It’s no accident that this not-a-runway-model woman of 59 has a supportive, hot, loving (and younger) man who recently whisked her off to Havana, Cuba, to celebrate her birthday. (See 📷 on this page!)

And while I’ve led personal development seminars to thousands, hosted creativity workshops at Hallmark, and am a certified Neurotransformational Coach…

… All you need to know is I 1000% believe you don’t have to devote yourself to a life you feel meh about.

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“Deb is fierce mixed with a keen sense of humor. She delivers straight, bullet communication with enough sass to keep it light. She emanates love, strength, power - seemingly all at the same time. Working with Deb, I knew I had someone in my corner who cared deeply about what I wanted for my life.”


- Shari Kuntz, Entrepreneur, Kansas City

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The Moxie Creative Sanctuary


Also included: Exploring an exclusive Chicago creative club, a scrumptious lunch,
cocktails to cap the day + lots and lots of surprises!

*Muy importante: I am not a mental health professional and Soul Spa is not therapy.


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