Let's consciously create how you show up in the world.

:: The Whirlwind Influence Makeover ::


A VIP Day in Downtown Chicago
The Capital of Reinvention

The Promise:

Understand what is quintessentially you, uniquely encapsulate what you do and provide, and identify key ways to weave your magic throughout your business in one day.


Your Invitation: Delicious conversation & capturing the essence of what you’re up to.

The day is characterized by deep discussion and deep connection. Surely, you and I will get deeply connected, but the real point is deep connection with what you’re here for. What is the beating heart and soul of your business?


:: The Experience ::



Two weeks before your visit, we’ll chat for an hour about your dreams, your desires, your vision. You’ll imagine where you want to be and who you want to be reaching. This intentional exercise gets at two things: you’ll get to experience living with that future percolating in the background (inspiring!) and, potentially, feel confronted by everything that is not aligned. What is it gonna take to have that future come true?

You need someone else’s eyes on you. I’ll also send you a few easy exercises to do before our day to help you capture what makes you, you.


We meet at the Moxie Penthouse, my creative sanctuary (with a gorgeous lake view!) in Downtown Chicago to start our day. I’ll make us a latte or tea and if it’s nice out we’ll take a stroll down to the waterfront, just steps away from my home.

When it comes to venues, we have options! My inspiring shrine of creativity or the lush Soho House, a short cab ride away. (Or we could have it all and use both!)

Burn, baby, burn. Before we dive in day-of, we’ll do a quick search for spark killers. Where are you right now about what we’ve talked about? Maybe you’re afraid to put yourself out there or somehow feel like you’re not good enough. I have great exercises (based on brain science) I’ve used to help many people get past their fears and doubts before we begin.



The Heart of the Matter: Falling in Love

We work together to find the unique way to encapsulate what you do and provide, and identify key ways to thread that throughout your business and brand with style and your personal pizzazz.

We’ll artfully play with the themes for your business. This is what you become known for.

These themes guide your offerings, what opportunities you say yes to, where you go to secure a speaking engagement, and what you’ll emphasize in that podcast interview.

It’s what you focus on, what you’re all about, what you say is important and distinct about the industry and field you’re working in and impacting with your business. You’ll definitely find new clarity on your ideal client or audience.

In some cases we’ll be able to prance merrily down the path and accomplish this by lunch (it’s possible!). And in other cases we’ll explore and try many different paths before finding the one.

We’ll cap our day with a celebratory cocktail!


Inspired by our day together, the poet and the artist in me play with everything you and I explored to create a one-of-a-kind love token to represent the heart of your brand and business.

Expect a sweet surprise in the mail a few weeks after our rendezvous!

Shari Kuntz

“Working with Moxie is a one of a kind experience. I chose the Whirlwind Influence Makeover day to create my unique brand. I left that day with not only my brand, but a work of art.”

— Shari Kuntz, CEO, Wildfire Collaborations

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:: Invest in Your Influence ::


$6,000 in-person

Book your whirlwind adventure now.

$5,000 virtually

A trip to Chicago doesn’t work for you? Love knows no borders. We will connect and make the magic happen over two 3-hour phone or video calls.


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