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LIVE: Tuesday, December 5th

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The Secret to Getting More Revenue & Recognition

A free webinar with Deb beroset

At last, the answers to Life's 6 Big Questions (and from a free webinar, who knew):

  1. How the heck do you get noticed by new potential clients when there are so very many high-profile professionals and Roomba-riding cats hogging all the online attention?
  2. Where to begin with the whole niche thing you keep hearing about -- especially if you have no idea what yours should be?
  3. What's the best way to attract clients you wouldn't trade for a new set of snow tires?
  4. Will anyone besides your mom and your best friend ever engage with the stuff you post on your business page? Is anyone else out there...?
  5. How can you strap a rocket on your business, make mucho moolah...and still be true to YOU?
  6. Are you ready for this? Is the world ready for you? Will you ever be widely known for what you do? When is it YOUR time to shine?    

Exciting news!

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