Reinvention: The Ultimate Adventure

Not Just a Plan B…a Plan to Be Happy

I got my first real taste of reinvention when I came out of my freshman year of music school at the University of Michigan and realized that no, I was not meant to live the narrowly focused, ultra- disciplined life of a professional French horn player.

That growing sense of hmmm…this is not where you are meant to be…is unsettling and disturbing, especially when you don’t know exactly where you are headed, you just know this ain’t it.

I remember shedding some tears over “the wasted years” I’d spent pursuing a life I ultimately didn’t choose.

I was concerned I’d now be behind schedule in some cosmic way.

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9 Ways to Show Up and Stand Out With Your Unique Brand

You know it’s time, right?

First, you gotta have moxie!

After all, it takes moxie to put yourself and your ideas out there, so you need to have your head in the game. Wondering whether you have value to offer, whether you’re ready, if you’re good enough… yadda yadda yadda, we all know how that offkey tune goes…it will kill your confidence and mess with your mojo big time.

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Tiny Moments of Couraging

Building the Habit of Showing Up

 I can be so small, so stingy sometimes. Like in the elevator in our building.

Yesterday I was headed down to the lobby level from The Moxie Penthouse, and on the 6th floor, the elevator doors opened, and a guy gets on. He’s an older dude and he smells faintly of campfire smoke and he’s got the best hat. And he seemed a little sad. Was he, really? Who knows, maybe his face in repose just looks like that. But he did seem wistful, somehow.

I noticed him, I had a thought to say something, and I said nothing and looked down at my phone.

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How to Hit Home Runs with That Brand of Yours ⚾

Lessons learned from the Cubbies at Wrigley Field

Would you believe I’ve lived in Chicago for more than 5 years and just attended my first Cubs game about a month ago?

I went expecting to have a great ballpark dog, a good time with my guy, and maybe a little beer spilled down my back. (Managed to avoid that last one, which was awesome.)

What I didn’t expect was to find so much inspiration related to what it takes to have your brand present a cool, cohesive — delightful, even — persona and experience for your customers and potential customers.

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Your Mood, Your Mojo, & Neuroscience 🧠

5 mindset management tips for love, biz & life

Consider for a moment how important mood is when you’re anticipating an evening of love….

I mean when you’ve got a hot new love prospect, you’re ALL about mood and the management thereof, am I right?

Turns out neuroscience has some things to teach us about the role of mood in business as well as love…and in today’s post I share some great tips on how to build in the kind of mind management hacks that will boost your sense of joy and your bottom line.

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Purposeful Entrepreneurship? 🌐

Impact investment maverick Steve Distante tells us the truth.

What would it take to have your business be about more than money (and yet still bring in plenty of green)?

How would it feel to have your business be an expression of your essence and your core values?

If you’ve ever felt like entrepreneurship was your calling, this Conversations with Moxie with Steve Distante is for you.

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7 ways to wow your client soul mate

How to have a digital 🧡-to-🧡 with your ideal audience

There are literally hundreds of inventive ways to play with the elements of your brand and use them to communicate powerfully with potential clients about who you are and what you offer.

In today’s post, I’m going to show 7 of the best ways you can marry the heart of your brand with your client soul mate’s deepest desires and bring major ROI from your website investment.

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Who loves ya, baby?

How to really get to know your ideal clients and what inspires them.

We’re going to show you how to mine the minds of your ideal clients via real conversations with a handful of them, and how to fully understand their perspectives, desires, concerns, and hesitations.

It might seem daunting, overly formal, and like a too-advanced marketing tactic, but these are actually rewarding conversations to have. We’re gonna guide you through having the conversation in a way that everybody is left feeling known and appreciated.

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Get the most ROI from your website

(and finally understand this “ideal client” thing!)

Part I of an easy, quick, three-part series

“Your website is your most valuable employee, working 24/7 to connect with and nurture relationships for you. Two things are important: make sure she’s well dressed and that she knows what she’s talking about.”

That’s Moxie’s take on the role of your website.

How can you accomplish this digital heart-to-heart with your client soul mate, you ask? The answer is in exploring …

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Your Minimum Daily Requirement of Beauty

It ain’t frivolous, folks, it’s vital

I have 10,000 pins in my Pinterest account. Well okay, if we’re going to get all specific, the total is way closer to 11,000.

The vast majority of the items in this monolithic virtual scrap book are there because I find them beautiful in some way. My “eye candy” board alone (pictured below) just hit the 500 mark this week. You might be thinking I have a little problem here. A productivity black hole, perhaps, or even a decent reason to seek out a 12-step program.

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Do I really need a new website? 🤔

Three essential questions to ask yourself before forking over $$$

Overhauling your website can feel like a major remodeling project for your business. There’s the scope of the whole thing, the timeline, one thousand choices to make, and let’s not forget the large cash down payment.

It actually can also be a really fun process (das how we roll!), but none of that matters until you ask yourself the three essential questions we outline here.

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The Man at My Window

Fear of Falling, Fear of Failing.

I think my interest in window washers really took off the day I glanced up from my downtown Chicago desk and there was a man on the other side of the window a foot away from me…and about 10 stories above street level.

He looked so casual out there as he squeegeed the glass and gave some bird turd a little extra elbow grease…

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Branding for Introverts 🙊

Cultivating influence and visibility when you just kinda wanna be left alone.

A few days ago, I was having lunch with someone who recently walked away from a lucrative CEO position, and now he’s considering how he needs to be showing up in the world to find a new gig that’s a better fit for his values.

“But there’s something about the word ‘branding’ that just…I don’t know,” he said, his expression a hybrid of befuddlement and the-cream-in-my-coffee-is-past-its-expiration-date. “The fact is, I’m an introvert. And I’m definitely not cool. How do you ‘brand’ that?”

You might be surprised to know…

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My Muffin Top vs My Moxie

Thighs, Sighs, and The Brand Never Lies. Last Saturday was The Great Pants Purge of 2019 – the day I’d vowed to rid my closet of all those pesky clothes that I’m not wearing.

And I hit bottom somewhere around the 19th time I was trying on a pair of jeans or cute trousers and realized that my thighs in their current iteration had a communication for me…

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NYT Bestselling author Gary John Bishop: What it takes to go from Big Idea to Big Influence

On the day I talked with Gary John Bishop, his book had been on Amazon’s list of Top 20 Most Read Nonfiction Books for 23 weeks. Oh, and it’d been on Amazon’s list of Top 20 books sold for 23 weeks as well.

In this very real and raw (and NSFW) Conversation with Moxie, Gary shares about his wild journey from Big Idea to Big Influence — there were some dark times when he didn’t know where the next mortgage payment was coming from — as well as his best coaching on how YOU can get past your own challenges and get your gifts out there in the world.

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Award-winning director Tricia Brouk: The Secrets of Successful Speakers

It’s been said that ideas are the currency of the twenty-first century, and that to succeed, you need to be able to sell yours persuasively. Speaking is a way to blow out your business, like no kidding.

Sit in on this Conversation with Moxie to learn how Tricia helps the pros deal with nerves, why speaking could very well be the key to growing your business, and how to know when it’s YOUR time to take a stage.

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