The Moxie Diaries

What's with The Moxie Diaries, you ask? Let's just say this isn't your garden-variety corporate newsletter.

Yes, you'll get stuff that's useful in terms of elevating your visibility and credibility -- tips, tools, resources you probably didn't know about, that sort of thing.

And of course, you'll hear about Moxie client wins (yay!) and other news.

But there will also be some personal stuff in there about what's inspiring me...things I've learned...the occasional confession...and interviews with interesting humans who have what I deem to be share-worthy wisdom ("Conversations with Moxie").

Oh, and a wild-card section ("A Wild Hair") in which I give myself permission to share/reveal/discuss anything I think could contribute to the Moxie Community.

And all the above is served up with a healthy dollop of nerve, verve and savvy.